If you are interested in working with us:

  • Send a question to us. Check our contact possibility.
  • We estimate each project individually.
  • Please notice, that the price depends on
    the complexity of the project
    quantity and quality of delivered materials
    time needed to finish it.

If you prefer a quick quotation, by sending a question, enclose as much information of the project as you can.


This is how we work:

  1. We start to work on the project after all materials (models, plans, etc.) are delivered.
    It includes description of the project, for example: material of the wall/floor/furniture, type of tree/grass.
  2. We make additional notes about the project.
  3. Modeling.
    model building (if not delivered)
    environment – according to plans or instructions.
  4. Texturing.
  5. Cameras and Lighting.
  6. Send preview of visualization.
  7. Further work on the project after feedback  (with corrections* if needed).
  8. Send proper visualization (after postproduction process; with watermarks).
  9. After payment is finalized we send visualization without watermarks.

* we do corrections only on preview of visualization in view of constant touch with the client during work.